Our Mission

Alaska Association of Conservation Districts' (AACD) mission is to actively supports 12 state wide Soil and Water Conservation Districts, while providing other services state wide such as education programs, information services, meetings and conferences.

AACD is a not-for-profit corporation set up to assist the Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) in Alaska.

The Alaska Association for Conservation Districts mission is to assist Alaskans in making sound land use and development decisions that take into consideration traditional knowledge and lifestyles.

The AACD works as a community-based organization, serves as a non-regulatory agency, maintains strong partnerships with other agencies and becomes involved only at the land users' request.


AACD Goals

  1. To provide a resource of information concerning the district, the people represented by the district and the conservation issues within the district.
  2. To communicate directly with landowners, schools, libraries, communities, villages, tribal governments and cooperators as a facilitator for the conservation of soil, water, environment, agriculture and other natural resources. Look for the Alaska Association for Conservation Districts participation at local events such as school programs, town meetings, newsletters, state fairs, town meetings and outreach programs across the state.
  3. To continue present rural development and conservation programs in addition to expanding the number of communities served by the AACD.
  4. To anticipate new projects in new areas of the state for our community.


Recommended Sections

Invasive Plants Program & Grants
NoxiousNoxious (harmful) and invasive plants are a threat to indigenous (native) plants, wildlife and to humans in Alaska. Invasive plants damage and destroy habitat, cause economic loss and are a major factor in the decline of some plant and animal species.
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Alaska Envirothon
The Canon Envirothon is a multidisciplinary, hands-on natural resources education event that tests the practical knowledge of teams of students from across North America. Alaska Association of Conservation Districts (AACD) is the sponsor for the state Envirothon event in Alaska.
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Alaska's Awesome Soils academic workbook
"Alaska's Awesome Soils" has activities, puzzles and information for all ages. It covers such related topics as Alaska agriculture, the water cycle and stewardship. Available for download in PDF!
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AACD is a member of the Nation Association of Conservation Districts.

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