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Youth Corps forest workers

Forest Management

wildfire threat reduction, reforestation, woodland areas


Sod Farmer


assistance to farmers, landowners, and homeowners

Canadian Geese

Wildlife Habitat

conservation and improvement of wildlife habitats


Oxeye Daisy

Invasive Plants

assistance with invasive plant identificaiton and control

Alaska's Soil and Water Conservation Districts offer and participate in a wide variety of programs that concentrate on responsible use and conservation of our natural resources.

AACD helps to keep regional SWCD's doors open so they can offer programs critical to protecting and improving natural resources.

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Addressing Alaska's Critical Conservation Issues

The Alaska Association for Conservation Districts (AACD) is an organization formed in 1965 to help all Alaska’s local soil and water districts function efficiently. AACD is a grassroots organization that leverages local, state, federal and private dollars towards helping local Soil & Water Conservation Districts keep their doors open across the entire state.

AACD's work is helping to address critical conservation issues, including:

  • erosion control
  • flood prevention
  • water conservation and use
  • wetlands
  • groundwater
  • water quality and quantity
  • nonpoint source pollution
  • community development

AACD assists Districts in working with landowners, land managers, communities, villages, tribal governments, schools, libraries, and other special interest groups. The help facilitate soil, water, environment, agriculture and other natural resource conservation efforts by providing technical guidance for resource management.

Keeping it Going!

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